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Why do our volunteers care so much about educating Minnesota students about adoption? Well, there are lots of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason is that a classroom might be the only place students receive accurate information about the topic. One of our speakers, Kate, feels so strongly about adoption education that she put her own personal story into the form of a special video message to educators. Please take a moment to watch it:

AOCM makes education easily available, with the choice of an 33-minute video or an in-person presentation. An incentive is available to educators who use the video presentation and offer feedback via a brief survey. Learn more at

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Adoption Option Council of Minnesota was pleased to host a Birth Mother’s Retreat on Sept. 19-21, 2014. This gathering, called “Stronger Together,” provided 16 birth mothers with a weekend of friendship, learning and support.

Thanks to all of our retreat supporters, including top-tier “Evergreen” sponsor Children’s Home and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota.

This was a life-changing event for these women who found they are, indeed, Stronger Together! Learn more.

Minnesota Loves Adoption

Celebrating the many ways adoption has touched their lives, Minnesota individuals and families have come together to share their stories. Adoption Option Council of Minnesota is pleased to present those stories in a beautiful hard cover book called “Minnesota Loves Adoption.” Click on the image below to learn more about this program and how you can get involved.

AOCM is not a political or religious organization.

AOCM Sponsored Websites

ITK (In the Know) Teens is a resource created to engage teens about the subject of adoption. Minnesota Loves Adoption is an online scrapbook, providing a forum for Minnesotans to share their real stories of adoption with others.

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  • Double the school updates, double the impact today! Last week, AOCM's speaker panel had a great day with another 145 students at Cambridge-Isanti High School. Volunteers Sarah, Toni, Colleen, Elise, Elisabeth (and baby Liam) were delighted by the questions the students asked - many of them coming from the young men! One young man asked, "How many kids can you adopt at one time?" and another asked, "What roles do birth fathers play in the adoption process?" These questions gave us the opportunity to discuss the adoption of sibling groups and the Father's Adoption Registry. Thanks to teacher, Brenda Oslund for inviting us back!

  • Roseville High School hosted the AOCM speakers panel today for five Health classes - totaling 145 students! Everyone was engaged in the presentation as Sarah, a birthmother, shared her story of recently being reconnected with her 19 year-old daughter. Meagan, an adoption social worker, explained to the students what the process is for an expectant parent when exploring options of parenting and adoption. She brought along samples of prospective adoptive parent profile books to show the students. The group left tired, but satisfied that the students learned a lot about adoption today! We are also welcoming Meredith M. back to our panel this month after the birth of her baby girl!
  • This CNN piece is every bit as compelling as the stories in the Minnesota Loves Adoption project. We'd love to add your story to the collection. Learn more at

    Adoption: One story, three lives
    For National Adoption Awareness Month, CNN's Michaela Pereira shares her story of growing up in a family of five adopted kids and seeking her birth mother.
  • This was the first of a FIVE-school-days-in-a-row schedule for the Adoption Option Speakers Panel. Volunteers will go from the western suburbs (today), to the northern suburbs (tomorrow), to the very far northern suburbs (Friday), to the metro (Monday), and then a trip to Rochester (Tuesday). Many miles to go and many stories to share. Let's hear it for our volunteers!
  • Calling all certified speakers: We are looking for a few additions to a Speakers Panel in the northern suburbs for this Thursday (11/20). Two classroom presentations, starting at 8:50 a.m. Drop us a note at if can help. Thanks!