Updated Resource: The Adoption Agency Resource Charts

In partnership with My Adoption Advisor, AOCM presents the Adoption Agency Resource Charts. These charts provide key information in a side-by-side format that makes it easy to compare Minnesota adoption agencies’ programs, fees, wait times and other information. (Not all Minnesota agencies opt to provide their data for these charts.) This is a helpful resource for perspective adoptive families and others. The charts have recently been updated with 2013 data. Please download the charts by clicking their titles:

2014 Minnesota Adoption Agencies – Domestic
2014 Minnesota Adoption Agencies – International

School outreach

One of AOCM’s fastest-growing areas is a school outreach program, driven by more than 50 volunteers who visit Minnesota classrooms to share their adoption stories. Having seen the impact of creating a more positive culture of support for adoption in Minnesota classrooms over the years, these volunteers are determined to expand the program to reach more than 10,000 students in 2014. Take a moment to watch the video below to learn more, then consider joining this effort as a volunteer or financial supporter.

Minnesota Loves Adoption

Celebrating the many ways adoption has touched their lives, Minnesota individuals and families have come together to share their stories. Adoption Option Council of Minnesota is pleased to present those stories in a beautiful hard cover book called “Minnesota Loves Adoption.” Click on the image below to learn more about this program and how you can get involved.

AOCM is not a political or religious organization.

AOCM Sponsored Websites

ITK (In the Know) Teens is a resource created to engage teens about the subject of adoption. Minnesota Loves Adoption is an online scrapbook, providing a forum for Minnesotans to share their real stories of adoption with others.

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    Adoption Option Spring Update
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    The Adoption Option Speakers Panel has visited dozens of schools since the beginning of the school year. Volunteers continue to be amazed by students' engagement and interest in the presentations. Of course, it helps that our presenters are very skilled and effective in sharing their own adoption st...
  • For more than 30 years, our small nonprofit has thrived thanks to the support of our tireless and passionate volunteers. And this year, we are proud to say that we have more than doubled our volunteer support as part of our School Outreach Program! Happy National Volunteer Week to all of our amazing volunteers. YOU are making a difference and opening hearts to adoption every day. We are so grateful for all you do!
  • We are still offering incentives for Minnesota high school educators willing to help us pilot the fabulous new Adoption Option Speakers Panel video presentation. By taking 30 minutes to review the easy-to-use presentation, full of real and honest stories of adoption, you can receive rewards just for giving us your feedback! Learn more by following the link below and contact us at info@adoptionoptionmn.org to sign up.

    Video presentation pilot program
    March 2014 Dear Minnesota High School Educator, Since 1983, our organization’s Adoption Option Speakers Panel has created a more positive culture of support for adoption in hundreds of high school ...
  • A group of 8th graders at Litchfield Middle School had lots of questions for our speaker panel last week when Elise, Scot, and Colleen shared their adoption stories. Teacher Julie Rick told us she has the panel back each year as a way to make sure her students have positive, factual information about adoption.

    You too can help share this information by telling Minnesota high school educators about incentives to help us pilot the new Adoption Option Speakers Panel video presentation! Learn more at www.aocmn.org/education-and-outreach/video-presentation-pilot-program.

  • What can YOU do today to open hearts to adoption? Tell a Minnesota high school educator about incentives to help us pilot the fabulous new Adoption Option Speakers Panel video presentation. The presentation is easy to use, powerfully honest and highly relevant. And we're offering rewards for feedback!

    Video presentation pilot program
    As demand for our classroom program grows beyond our capacity to provide in-person presentations to every school, we are piloting a new video presentation -- with incentives!